can we use the catwalk in meditation?

26 Jan

We’re going to do a slow-motion, mindful walk.

Breaking through habitual patterns, you’ll see that there’s more to walking than meets the eye (that goes for any movement pattern). Remain mindful – detached and non-judgmental – of whatever comes to mind. If you find this hard, be mindful of your (perceived lack of) mindfulness

Now let’s start…

Stand straight, head up, feet about shoulder width. You’re forming a solid stance, firm base.

Now feel your balance, how you’re shifting slightly back and forth, from side to side. Normally this happens automatically. Become aware of these minor movements.

Feel the soles of your feet, roll gently back and forth to emphasize the sensation of your feet against the ground.

Focus on a point in front of you. It’s time for your first step…

Rolling forwards, push off with your right foot and s-l-o-w-l-y take a step. For a couple of seconds, feel how your leg moves through the air. The sensation of impact as your heel touches the ground.

Slow, fluid movements…

Now push off with your left leg. Feel how your right leg muscles are balancing your body as your left leg travels through the air and touches the ground.

Take 5 slow, fluid steps like this. Then halt and turn around.

Now walk back to your starting point, close to normal speed this time.

Did you feel the difference? This time you relied more on sight and less on proprioception (feeling your balance and your sensory input), didn’t you?

Slowing down the pace, we tend to become aware of other, lesser used senses.

You may now repeat the slow walk and return.




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