Water, Body and the Fashion Industry

26 Jan

As with any other industry the fashion industry. The industry uses it for production, the consumer uses it for washing and the clothes are transported on water. Does the water in Trondheim define the fashion in Trondheim and what could one draw as conclusions from that.

Of course the climatic conditions of Trondheim defines a lot but could on also look at the water qualities and how it relates to the fashionindustry. Tuur van Balen, see here and here has worked with the qualities of water in the city and how the city interacts with the watersystem. One could wonder how the fashionworld relates to it. In Stockholm they have made research about how much cocain the inhabitants use by checking the black water in the water cleaning facilities in the city. Would this change during the fashionweek? One could also reseach what kind of substances comes from washing cheap H&M clothing compared to an armani suit.

In Norway the population also uses drinkingwater to clean clothes and does it keep the clothes good for a longer time or the water worse. The tremendous amount of water makes it easy for the norwegian to get clean tapwater everywhere they go. In contrast to this the sale of bottled have become huge in Norway and it holds the same quality as the tapwater. But even though one uses the tapwater with drinkingquality for washing noone uses bottlewater to wash their clothes.  Maybe this will become the new trend. Wash your design clothing in bottledwater.







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